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Vatooing Your Vagina

The latest hot trend in female grooming (or vaginal art): Vatooing your vagina (because vajazzling is obsolete). Watch the video. YOU tell me?!!:) xoxo

Bryce Gruber of covers the newest trend in vaginal art, Vatooing, at Completely Bare Spa in New York. Take note, vajazzle enthusiasts!


Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot, a widely read online lifestyle site, became the first member of the media to experience the latest in personal grooming, Vajazzling. Gruber stated: “I’m here to cover up my C section scar. I’m here to give the women of America options.”

She was sent by Spa Week Daily, to cover one of the treatments that will be offered during Spa Week Spring 2010, April 12-18, when spa treatments are just $50 a piece at participating spas across the country. Gruber headed to Completely Bare on Bond Street to try their newest service, Vajazzling, which is the bedazzling of the area which gets waxed when getting a bikini wax (or more) by adding crystals and beads to the nether regions.