Chanel N°5 The Classic

There is something magical about Chanel  N°5.  Created in the 1920’s and was rumored to be Marilyn Monroe’s favorite fragrance.  According to Chanel’s official site Marilyn Monroe told reporters at the airport in Japan that all she wore in bed was a few drops of N°5.  Chanel  N°5 is also an icon of the 20th century and featured in a series of nine silkscreen prints by Andy Warhol.  In 1959, Chanel N°5 packaging was added to the Museum of Modern Arts permanent collections in New York.  Today’s chosen face for Chanel  N°5 is Nicole Kidman.

The Classic Chanel N°5 Bottle

Chanel N°5 main notes are Aldehydic floral which is a  bouquet of abstract flowers:  Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Grasse Jasmine, May Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla, woody.  Chanel N°5 is based on large quantities of  synthetic substances or artificial notes.  Chanel N°5 was manufactured as a fragrance just like a dress would.  According to Chanel official site, Ernest Beaux  found his inspiration in the 1920’s olfactory when inventing Chanel N°5 around 1920.  Jacques Polge is the creator of Chanel perfumes.  Chanel  N°5 costs as low as $45 or as high as $1850 for Chanel N°5 Special Edition Collectible 15.20 oz bottle.  

Nicole Kidman The New Face Of Chanel N°5

Also try Chanel N°5 Essential Bath Oils which is an all over body oil.   Formulated with sweet almond oil, natural extracts, avocado oil, other humectants that attract water to skin, and Vitamin B.  Your skin will feel smooth, soft, and glow.  Cost:  $45.

Chanel N°5 Essential Bath Oils

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