BillybBeauty Paint Brushes by Billy B

BillybBeauty Paint Brushes Collection was created by the legendary makeup artist Billy B.  Now you can too apply makeup just like a pro.   

Makeup Artist Billy B and Sharon Stone 

The BillybBeauty Paint Brushes collection is inspired by Billy’s quest for the perfect makeup tools and by his experience creating the looks for magazines, music videos and red carpet events.

BillybBeauty Paint Brushes by Billy B 

Billy B’s impressive client list includes: Beyonce, Sharon Stone, Pink, Mary J Blige, The Dixie Chicks, Laura Linney, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, David LaChapelle and more.  You can purchase BillybBeauty Paint Brushes individually or the entire set. Cost: $15-$37.50.  Entire set: $249.  For more details visit Billy B’s website at:    

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