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Beauty Interviews did an interview with celebrity makeup artist Matin.  Matin fell into makeup almost by accident after taking a part-time job during college.  Today he works with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Liv Tyler but still manges to find a use for his degree in molecular biology.  Here are some highlights from the interview.  Happy reading.

From Matin's Portfoilio

When did you decide to become a makeup artist?
I started selling make up during my second year of college when I was in desperate need of a job to pay for school. My roommate at the time was a make up artist at Neiman’s and got me an interview with her boss. I got the job and started to sell and do make up at the cosmetics counter in San Francisco. I continued doing make up until I finished my undergraduate degree.

What was your biggest break as a professional makeup artist?
I was working in NY for 3 years and I got a job offer from photographer Gilles Bensimon to do the cover for ELLE magazine with Liv Tyler.

What is your makeup philosophy?
I love the “effortless” look. As if someone did her own make up but better of course (or I hope). Skin the the main focus and the rest of the look is secondary for me.

From Matin's Portfolio

What are the keys for building a good relationship between a makeup artist and a photographer or a beauty editor?
Being able to communicate clearly and to understand the entire process of collaborations. A shoot not only involves what the make up artist wants alone… it has to do with with the vision the editor has, what the photographer wants and the collaboration of hair, make up and wardrobe to realize the true vision for the shoot.

What have been some of your most memorable celebrity collaborations?
Going to Washington DC (and capitol Hill) with Angelina Jolie for world refugee day and to Uganda with Natalie Portman to meet some kids that have become orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS.

What’s involved in being Neutrogena’s Cosmetics Science Expert?
I did my graduate studies in Molecular Biology and Neutrogena created a position that I can use my background as well as my creative vision in order to come up with new effective and high performing products with integrity and beauty.

From Matin's Interview

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