Introducing DentaBurst Freshening Teeth Cleaners

Do you remember the feeling when you have 5 minutes to land after a long flight, and you seriously need to brush your teeth, but can’t be bothered standing in line and squeezing into a tiny plane washroom? Or, when you are expecting a busy day at work but don’t want to carry a whole toothpaste tube and a toothbrush? Well, here is a solution: DentaBurst Freshening Teeth Cleaners.


DentaBurst is better than just mints and gums because you can actually brush your teeth with it, no water necessary.


DentaBurst is a great new smile beauty product that helps you look and great and feel confident for anything. DentaBurst is a quick way and effective way to clean teeth and freshen breath on-the-go. Unlike gum and mints, DentaBurst helps remove plaque from the surfaces of your teeth. DentaBurst packets are small so they fit perfectly in your clutch or wristlet. DentaBurst works great after coffee or lunch and before touch-up your lip gloss.

DentaBurst also launched The Be Ready Lounge, a VIP online community for America’s most influential Gen-Y women. is an exclusive online community designed to inspire confidence in young women. Why join? Weekly giveaways plus expert advice on beauty, love, life, career, confidence and more. You can also send text messages to friends, post photos, and swap insight with other women. Use the lounge to share tips and advice and share your thoughts about DentaBurst.


DentaBurst. Be Ready to shine.

Available: Target, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and RITE AID Pharmacy. 

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