Jerseylicious Sneak Peek Video

Jerseylicious is Style Network’s new reality TV show which debuted on March 21, 2010 and airs every Sunday at 10/9c. They are now preparing for their sixth episode next week and we have the sneak peek video.

WATCH: Get a sneak peek at an all new episode of “Jerseylicious.” See it, Sun. at 10/9c.

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Jerseylicious The Show Synopsis:

There’s style and then there’s Jersey Style! New Jersey is the center of the action on The Style Network’s new reality series “Jerseylicious,” offering an entertaining look at life at the Gatsby Salon, a hot Jersey salon re-launching in a fabulous new space.

Eight one-hour episodes capture all the hair-raising drama as five new stylists and makeup artists join the salon’s team and bring with them the best that JERSEY style has to offer…in-your-face-glamour, eyeliner for days, spray tans and the biggest hair you can imagine! Big egos clash with bold aspirations as Style’s cameras follow the new stylists in and out of the salon, introducing their friends and families to viewers, while uncovering rocky romances and budding jealousies along the way. The new docu-soap “Jerseylicious” premieres Sunday, March 21 at 10:00 p.m. et/pt on The Style Network. A special encore airing will immediately follow at 11:00 p.m. et/pt.

The “Jerseylicious” drama unfolds around the re-opening of a high-profile salon which has just undergone a costly renovation. Mother/daughter management team Gayle and Christy are under enormous pressure to quickly hire additional staff to fill the salon’s new stations and to start generating new business. After a mass interview day and an “audition” at the salon’s Open House, Gayle hires Anthony, an established stylist who’s temporarily closed his own salon for renovations; Gigi, a young hairdresser with a massive client list who wants nothing more than to cut hair and get married; Alexa, one of the top bridal make-up artists in the tri-state area; Olivia; a party girl who is trying to grow up and make a name for herself as a makeup artist, and Tracy, an aggressive up-and-coming stylist who knows how good she is and isn’t afraid to say so.

The atmosphere is rife with promise and Gayle encourages new and existing stylists to get along. But once personal lives begin to enter the picture, all bets are off as opinions clash, feelings get hurt, tensions build and the cut-or-be-cut action begins.

Right from the start, Olivia and Tracy square off and become immediate adversaries, especially since Olivia’s ex-boyfriend is now dating Tracy, a fact Tracy seems to relish. Olivia must put her party past behind her and start taking the beauty business seriously if she is going to make the cut. Gigi adores her boyfriend, Frankie, but she needs a man who wants to make it legal and is not sure if Frankie is the one. Anthony, the lone male in a sea of women, has a wife and a new baby to feed and just wants his arrangement at the Gatsby to work so he can do what he does best, then go home to his family. When Alexa discovers she is going to have to take Olivia under her wing for some serious mentoring, she is less than thrilled … after all, this is not what she signed up for at all!

When a big regional magazine considers the salon for a cover story, the stakes are raised. It’s just what Gayle and Christy need to push their business to the next level, but will Tracy and Olivia’s oft-public confrontations threaten the salon’s chances for the much-needed publicity coup? To make things worse, Gayle is not sure she has made the right staffing decisions when a demanding bachelorette party pushes everyone to the brink. Some of the girls might be “too Jersey” for Gayle’s upscale clientele, while others are letting their personal lives get in the way of the salon’s best interest. One staffer even loses her job following a charity event at which a knock-down, drag-out fight threatens to ruin the occasion.

Tune-in to “Jerseylicious” starting Sunday, March 21 on The Style Network to witness the successes, the failures, the rivalries and the love triangles, as the girls (and guy) of the Gatsby Salon try to juggle their professional and personal lives, while creating that magical “Jersey look” along the way. For them, “Jerseylicious” is more than a look or an attitude, it’s a way of life that cannot be found anywhere but New Jersey.

“Jerseylicious” is produced by Endemol USA for The Style Network. Three-time Emmy winner Alex Duda is the Executive Producer, joined by Style Executive Producers Sarah Weidman and Merah Chung.

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