Perlier Summer 2008

The Perlier research laboratory has developed an advanced anti-aging cosmetic technology. Perlier’s Black Rice products contain dehydrated plant micro-sphere particles that rehydrate and plump up from their original size when they come in contact with water.  When the Black Rice cream is applied, these micro-spheres are absorbed into the skin and attracted to wrinkles, where they soak up the skin’s natural moisture and re-inflate.

Perlier Age-Defying Line Reducing Moisture Face Cream with SPF 15 

Perlier’s Black Rice Age-Defying Line Reducing Moisture Creams work extremely fast, so skin appears visibly smoother and fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.  Black Rice Extracts are rich in peptides, these amino acids are important for cellular metabolism, and important anti-oxidants for the skin. 

Perlier Age-Defying Line Reducing Moisture Night Cream 

Perlier’s Black Rice Age-Defying Line Reducing Moisture Creams include a face cream with SPF 15, eye cream, lip cream, night cream, and even a microdermabrasion system.  For a more detailed product information and to buy Perlier products visit: and

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