Thompson Ferrier Candles

Absolutely loving my candle from Thompson Ferrier. It’s super chic and worth the money. It burns very slowly, the scent is there but very sophisticated and not strong. As a Paradise Valley & Scottsdale Realtor I want these candles at all my Broker’s Open ha! Today though, it’s perfect for Thanksgiving day and for the holiday season.

Thompson Ferrier Candles

The story behind Thompson Ferrier Candles is quite cute, created by a couple Pauline Dana and Raffi Arslanian. They met at Ferrier, a NYC restaurant and their first date years later was at a bar on Thompson Street in SOHO, hence the name Thompson Ferrier. See, NYC names and not just Parisian names can be cool too. They got the inspiration from their Real Estate business when staging homes they used amazing candles that got people’s attention. I kinda see how it can happen because I always on the look-out for good quality candles, believe it or not, they are sometimes hard to find.

The Thompson Ferrier Candles are incased in a hand-etched glass container, the wax is a cosmetic grade soy blend with fragrant oils. My favorites are: Vanilla Noir, Tabac Rose, and Kashmiri Spice. Also comes unscented.

Thompson Ferrier Candles retail fro $48-$68. For more info visit

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