Allure Confessions Of A Beauty Editor

Linda Wells,  Allure Magazine founding editor in chief,  together with other Allure editors wrote this book:  Allure Confessions Of A Beauty Editor.  Right when you think you know everything about makeup.  It is full of useful tips about hair and makeup, such as: how to make a lip gloss stay on more than just few minutes, and how to fix frizzy hair. 

Allure Confessions Of A Beauty Editor Book   

Allure Confessions Of A Beauty Editor also includes essential makeup techniques, expert tips, emergency, and advise on how to get the best beauty products for your money.  Comes in a large-format book that contains valuable chapters on skin care, skin problems, nails, haircut and color, hair care and style, salons and spas, and body care.  In her book Linda Wells and her editors share every dirty secret, beauty myths, and give you the honest truth about how to look your best.  Cost:  $24.99, hardcover, 192 pages.  To buy this book and for more Beauty Books check!



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