Borghese FANGO Active Mud For Face And Body

Classic At-Home Masks: Borghese FANGO Active Mud For Face And Body. You will find this beauty in Marta Walsh’s vanity, somewhere, I promise:) Now, Borghese, the venerable beauty brand steeped in rich Italian heritage, is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of its iconic FANGO Active Mud. This revolutionary nutrient and mineral-rich mud has popularized at-home masks for women around the globe since 1985. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of FANGO, Borghese is launching an advertising campaign, beginning August 2010.

Borghese FANGO Active Mud For Face And Body the jar

Borghese FANGO Active Mud For Face And Body the travel friendly version

Borghese, the venerable beauty brand steeped in rich Italian heritage, is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of its iconic FANGO Active Mud by launching an ad campaign solely dedicated to the product. The revolutionary nutrient- and mineral-rich mud popularized at-home masks for women around the globe when it was introduced in 1985, and its storied history is also at the center of an awareness campaign supported by social media and public relations efforts that will reacquaint the marketplace with FANGO, and unmask the latest advancements and skincare solutions offered by the expanded five-piece FANGO collection for face, body and hair.

The striking new multi-million dollar ad and marketing campaign, created by Manhattan-based Agency212, strips FANGO to a bare minimum – literally – featuring male and female forms shot against a crisp white background with “Do You FANGO?” written in the famous green-hued mud scrolling down arms, legs, and torsos. Three of the four shots include men to showcase how FANGO is a skincare product that transcends gender.

“We found the trick here was to find the perfect balance between having fun with this campaign and keeping it aligned with the very rich heritage of the Borghese brand. We believe we have accomplished that,” said Bill Tucker, CEO, Agency212. The campaign will run in magazines including Vogue, Elle, Allure, Marie Claire, and InStyle; and will also be seen around the streets of Manhattan on taxi tops, phone kiosks and bus wraps beginning August 2010.

“The 25th Anniversary of FANGO is a milestone in the history of Borghese,” said Georgette Mosbacher, CEO, Borghese. “FANGO has always provided unwavering effectiveness and quality, and has become a time-tested staple in the skincare regimen of women and men who care about using only the best products with the best ingredients. It is our desire to capture and celebrate the unique beauty in everyone with our new Do You FANGO? campaign, and we hope to continue to spread the benefits of FANGO to many new fanatics for the next 25 years, one beautiful face at a time.”

Pushing further into the social media landscape, Borghese is creating Facebook and Twitter accounts solely dedicated to the Do You FANGO? campaign that will include product news and updates, tips and tricks, and special promotions; and is also engaging a consumer public relations program that will reinforce the FANGO brand promise, and educate consumers on FANGO’s many benefits.

“FANGO is more relevant now than ever before with consumers’ interest in beauty products with ingredients derived from the riches of the earth. With the Do You FANGO? campaign we aim to educate new consumers about this fantastic product, as well as enlighten our current customer base about our latest additions,” said Neil Petrocelli, vice president of marketing, Borghese. “By integrating social media we are reaching our customers on a more personal basis, using as many touch points as possible.”

FANGO is built on a practice that dates back to the 14th century when people first sought the healing properties of the mineral laden mud surrounding the volcanic hills of Tuscany. Borghese was the first to perfect the process of refining the mud, bringing it to retail counters, where it quickly experienced a groundswell of dedicated users thanks to its five minute application and immediate benefits of nourishment and moisture. Four additional FANGO Active Muds have since been introduced including: Delicato for sensitive skin, Brillante to brighten and refine, Ristorativo to nourish and replenish, and Hair & Scalp to smooth and condition.

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