Donald J. Pliner’s Vinco Loafers In Sex and the City 2

Father’s Day Gift Idea perhaps: Donald J. Pliner’s Vinco Loafers are featured in “Sex and the City 2”. It seems that Mr. Big feels like a King when he is wearing Donald J. Pliner’s brown, suede Vinco loafer. He has no issue putting his feet up like royalty on Carrie’s brand new couch while still wearing his shoes. Pliner is known for defying the odds when it comes to the give and take relationship between practicality and style. Big’s Vinco loafers are comfortable enough to act as a slipper in the privacy of his own home but chic enough to wear out and about on the streets of New York city.

The ladies of “Sex and the City 2” often give up the concept of comfort for the look of beauty. However, it seems Mr. Big had the right idea. With the help of Donald J. Pliner’s shoe design, Big was able to portray an upscale, clean look with the hustle and bustle activities of his New York City lifestyle. Pliner’s shoes look so good on the couch that Carrie can not possibly stay mad at Big for putting his feet up to relax.

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