Eva Longoria Parker and Hayden Panettiere New Short Bob Hair Cut

Eva Longoria Parker and Hayden Pantettiere are the latest actresses to follow the new celebrity short bob hair cut. The first celebrity to cut her hair in a short bob was Victoria Beckham, followed by Katie Holmes. And it seems that Rihanna’s short hair cut is also attracting quite a lot of fans.

Eva Longoria Parker.

Hayden Panettiere.

I personally love medium to long hair on myself, and I don’t remember ever having a short bob. But this is just what I’m comfortable with. What do you think about the latest celebrity short bob hair style or hair cut trend? And who do your think looks best with their new short bob hair cut: Eva Longoria Parker or Hayden Panettiere?

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  1. I love Hayden’s new cut it looks super cute and she still looks young and fresh whereas Eva’s bob kinda ages her a bit she looks better with medium to long hair styles x

  2. These Are My Two Absolute Idols.
    And They Both Look Gawjuss With Their New Bobs.
    (Not That They Didn’t Before)
    They Are Both So Beautiful.
    I May Have To Rethink My Haircuts! 🙂

  3. I really like it thinking of getting hayden’s look!

  4. They are both so new and fresh.These are the will be the hot new trend of haircuts!

  5. there hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  6. No matter what Eva looks wonderful.
    Her new cut makes her look younger and sexier.
    She is just beautiful.
    Her mom should be proud of such a pretty daughter with pretty heart as well.
    Benigna Marko

  7. Women with shorter hair are probably not easily intimidated. Both women look gorgeous with their short cuts. Benigna Marko has in the past liked her hair short now she realizes short hair is back and it is hot.
    Benigna Marko

  8. I am not sure why but I think Eva needs long hair were has Hayden looks ok with the bob, but like most men I prefer long its just that I suppose women just prefer to follow fashion and whats new. I remember back in the 90’s these bobs were in so nothing is really new. I think that Hayden is a really fresh young beautiful girl and that long blonde hair is just her style though.

  9. man, the hair doesn’t go with both of their face shapes! what the hell were they thinking? it looks terrible on them!

  10. I really like their hair cuts. It looks really cute and fresh on both of them. I’m getting mine done similar to that soon. Very fashionable. I have long hair and love long hair but want a fresh fun look so will be following trend i’m afraid….

  11. I feel like too many people like to follow trends, and this is an example of why not all people should. I don’t think this style looks good on either of them really, especially Hayden. She has a very round face, and short hair like this looks terrible on her, imo. Anyway, they both have the money and resources to have their hair look any way they please, and have it look natural…So it doesn’t really matter.

  12. I LOVE haydens hair im getting it done the same tommorow!

  13. Hayden looks terrible and Eva looks old.

  14. Eva can carry it off and looks really pretty with that bob, but Hayden – I’m not sure that style’s quite right for her.

  15. Wow…some people here are just total HATERS! Prob jealous you cant pull it off. I think they both look great with the haircut!

  16. Woah.. jelly bean is soooo effing right lols…ya all haters talking about they look terrible …man ya just mad ya can’t pull that hair style …I got a round shape head ok not that round but I got a bob hair cut and it actually looks good not cause I’m saying it looks good but I have gotten a lot of positive comments about my hair cut ….and BOTH OF THEM LOOK GOOD WITH THERE BOB CUT SO STOP HATING!!!!!! &+ I’m thinking of dying my hair blonde … : ] wanna change color new look but loving my hair cut ..

  17. hayden’s bob is definately better thand longoria’s

  18. Eva looks great no matter what hair style or attire she wears. Hayden really rocks this look if yu ask me, I`m getting the same as hers except for some modifications to suit me.

  19. nothing can take away from Eva’s beauty, but I am drooling over Hayden’s hair. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

  20. I just think that hayden looks hot no matter what!!!!

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  22. tekla abylaze

  23. I just got this hair cut. Had very long hair before. It looks good until you put it behind your ears. Then you want to cry and buy extensions!! I think they are beautiful but long hair is sooo pretty

  24. This style is on. I got it done recently and I love it, even when I go running the hair just moves out of the way. I love it.

  25. i love Hayden Panettiere’s bob. Her hair looks absolutely amazing, and so does her makeup.she’s cute and pretty.

  26. She looks stunning. I love her new due. Benigna Marko

  27. Her hair style is always beautiful. I really like her with long hair but her short hair looks stunning as well. She is the type of woman that can carry any style and look great.

  28. Eva is beautiful, doesn’t matter what hairstyle she has, she always looked her best.

  29. I love her hair style in the new heineken commercial.

  30. My best friend just got her haircut an dlove it. I will do it tomorrow. I have an appointment and are looknig forward to this new haricur.

  31. My girlfriend and I went to get a haircut today. I walked out with a very similar cut as Eva and my girlfriends looks like Katie Holms. Beautiful.

  32. Her haircut just rocks.

  33. If you can pull off this type of cut, I say do it. It takes a perfect shaped face with beautiful features to be able to carry a shorter do without looking unsexy. These gals look lovely!

  34. Eva has always looked good to me,good actress,attractive.Now she looks like a princess.Stunning.Love the bob on her.Don’t care too much for the long hair on her now.Eva should keep her hair cut short.

  35. Hayden doesn’t suit short hair in my opinion! she has lovely thick hair and it should be worn long, shor hair makes her face look round, whereas eva’s hair suits her shorter making her look younger.

  36. I continue to love her short hair cut. In fact, I love her hair in general, she has excellent styling hair.
    Benigna Marko

  37. Good hair, good hair cut, good hair look.
    Benigna Torviso-Marko

  38. Wow… gorgeous ‘dos! I wonder if I could pull this off? I’m really on the hunt for something new, with an edge!

  39. I am gettinga haircut like hayden, I wan tosmething fresh and new this is definantly it 🙂

  40. I love haydens bangs, and her bob : ]
    soo cute and new !
    Short hair is way better than long !
    Super awesome

  41. hayden’s hair cut style is very fresh and good. I love always short hair and yellow color.

  42. they both look really great. Hayden looks more mature but still a knockout and Eva looks younger.

  43. Hayden looks terrible and Eva looks old…

  44. I love it. I need a change and I’ve been debating doing this. Seeing it on a face similar to mine makes me want it more…. guess what I will be doing this weekend?

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