Going Anti-Valentine? Try these looks!

Whether you are happily single or want to follow your own path to the perfect romance, you may be one of us who find Valentine’s day a little too overrated. We are not against this endearing season of love, oh of course not, we just want to share an alternative way of celebrating it. So if anyone asks you what you are up to this Valentine’s day, tell them you will be dressing up in goth punk and having the time of your life. Here are some looks you can try to get yourself some anti-valentine energy:

1. The metallic undereye liner-

Nothing speaks rebellion like metallic shades. Say goodbye to the pinks and reds and get yourself some hard-core girl power. Use the Smashbox full exposure palette or a NYX gold slide on pencil.

2. Smudged black eye-shadow-

Rock your look by putting as much black eye shadow as you like. Smudge it with your fingertips to achieve a ragged look. No, we are not kidding, mix this look with a layer of black lip gloss or a thin layer of a black lipstick. Use the Ardency Inn punker eyes like fire shadow for this goth look.

3. Classy and unavailable-

Flaunt your independence and strength with some classic shades. An NYX liquid suede cream lipstick in vintage and a jet black gel liner and smudger will bring out your natural beauty without making you look too ‘rosy’.

So now that you know how to put on the makeup, what are your plans?

We recommend a girls night out or a game of bingo with your besties, about which you can know more from GameVillage page.

Go ahead and have the time of your life this Valentine’s day!

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