Kevin Murphy Haircare

Kevin Murphy haircare is created by Kevin Murphy, a famous Australian hair stylist.  Kevin Murphy Haircare is designed to make haircare simple.  Unlike some hair shampoos and conditioners that are over perfumed, Kevin Murphy haircare combines old fashioned plant extracts and phytology with a new cutting edge science.  Kevin Murphy haircare is simple to use yet effective.  Kevin Murphy has travelled to India, Asia and the Pacific Islands to search for the purest essential oils for his products. His discoveries include Lime from the West Indies and Pacific Island gems such as Niaouli, Papaya, Kelp, Pink Grapefruit, white Camphor and Bergamont Mint. 

Kevin Murphy Haircare

Check out Kevin Murphy Angle Rinse Shampoo which is a  delicate recovery shampoo for fine, dry or broken coloured hair.  Ingredients include: Aloe, Iris and Lavender gently protecting hair in a low-foam formulation without stripping. Angelica Root extract and essential oil of Grapefruit gently cleanse stressed-out hair. Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse Shampoo is also suitable for fragile hair that has been affected by long-term medication. Cost around $24.

Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse Shampoo 

Also great from Kevin Murphy Haircare is Kevin Murphy Easy Rider which controls frizzy hair and activates curls to achieve a soft dewy look. With added Vitamins and Sea Minerals, Easy Rider will not only style your hair, it will treat and moisturize your hair at the same time.  Apply to hair  when it is damp and dry with the use of a diffuser or drier, or just simply air dry.  The product is moist and weightless and it contains setting agents to control fly-aways. Easy Rider will give the hair a sleek control, allowing it to move but hold at the same time.   Cost:  around $24.

Kevin Murphy Easy Rider

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