Laura Geller Spackle And Caulk

Have you heard of Laura Geller Makeup?  With so many makeup brands on the market Laura Geller Makeup does stand out as good makeup.  Laura Geller began her career as a makeup artists to the stars in the 1980’s.  In 1993 Geller opened Laura Geller Makeup Studios on New York’s Upper East Side.  Her idea was to make professional makeup available to all women.  So we can be our own makeup artists.  Now we like that! 

Laura Geller Founder Of Laura Geller Makeup      

Laura Geller Makeup is famous for her fabulous and sleek foundation primer called Spackle.  Spackle smooths and perfects skin’s texture, prepping it for foundation. Formulated with nourishing, soothing botanical, lightweight, and suitable for all skin types.  Spackle is 100 percent oil-free and comes in an “airless” pump so you can get every drop.  For those of you who never heard of such thing as a Primer, here is a short translation.  A primer is applied after a moisturizer and before, hence Primer, a foundation.  A Primer can also be applied on its own.  Cost:  $21.50 for 2 oz Laura Geller Makeup Spackle.

Spackle Primer By Laura Geller Makeup 

Another signature product by Laura Geller is Caulk Pencil and Sharpener which is a light-diffusing concealer pencil.  Laura Geller Caulk is not just any other concealer. It actually softens lines, blends easily with its latex-free sponge, and contains skin-loving vitamin E. Sharpener included.  Simply apply directly over any little line, shadow, or flaw. Blend with the eraser-end sponge. Top with foundation or powder.  Comes in Light, Medium, Dark.  Cost:  $22.50.

Caulk Pencil And Sharpener By Laura Geller

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