My Outdoor Fitness Routine

My outdoor fitness routine includes lots of walking and hiking in Paradise Valley, Arizona, where I live. It is by far the best exercise for me and most enjoy exercising. What’s not to like? Fresh air, beautiful homes to look at as I walk – not to mention it’s uphill, so I’m really getting a good work out. I try to hike at 8:00 in the morning just before my workday, this way my phone is still quiet and my head is clear. I do about one mile. The best feeling is after I’m done… I won’t lie, I feel skinny and healthy right away and very ready for the day.

Hiking in Paradise Valley beats any gym. I’m just not that gym person, I get bored at the gym. Many times I would sign up at a gym and never go. I’m truly lucky that I live in such a beautiful place like Paradise Valley. With 300 days of sun and beautiful weather, outdoor fitness is just a no brainer. Of course when I’m back home I go straight to the shower and use Simple Skincare to cleanse my skin and moisturize it before makeup and work clothes.

Paradise Valley Arizona

I like to use the following products from Simple: Foaming Cleanser, Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15, Radiant Cleansing Wipes and Eye Make-UP Remover Pads. With their gentle and effectively skincare, you can’t go wrong… these are the best!

After my workout I refresh and keep beautiful with Simple skincare

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