Nicole Richie Hair & Makeup

Celebrity hair stylist Gregory Russell and makeup artist Beau Nelson worked with Nicole Richie for the Candidly Nicole premiere on Tuesday, July 7 in Los Angeles, CA.

Nicole Richie for the Candidly Nicole premiere on Tuesday, July 7 in Los Angeles, CA

Nicole Richie for the Candidly Nicole premiere on Tuesday, July 7 in Los Angeles, CA



“Starting on damp hair, I applied Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice from root to end. Next, I blew the hair out with a ceramic round brush, blowing the sides away from the face, tucking it behind the ears as it cools.

I blow-dried the bangs with the hair on top of the brush and close to the face. In the final pass through the hair, I took the ends under the round brush and motioned away from the face. I parted the hair and used small clips while it cooled. I then used Klorane Dry Shampoo on the roots for volume and texture.

To finish, I used a small, pearl-sized amount of Leonor Greyl Baume Bois de Rose, emulsified between my hands and applied to the ends for definition and movement. For hold, I set the hair with a spray of Leonor Greyl Voluforme.”



“Nicole wanted to look sunkissed and sexy, so we started by applying Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation from the center of the face, working outward and leaving the skin bare where no coverage was needed. I used Surratt Concealer under eyes and anywhere there was redness.

For the bronzy, glowy cheek, I used a Smashbox Gel Stick in a peachy bronze shade and buffed it in with a blush brush. I contoured her cheeks slightly with Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate palette.

I used MAC Eye Shadows in Concrete and Brun to define her brows and then applied Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Shadow in Jean all over the lids before applying Gucci Magnetic Shadow in Iconic Bronze over top with my finger for maximum sparkle.

I coated her lashes in L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black before applying Ardell Demi Wispie Lashes for more volume. I kept her lips nude with Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Nude Kate and Sisley Paris Phyto Lip Gloss in Beige Rose.”

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