Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion Aftercare

Just in time for peak hairless season, Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion debuts in June 2008, promising to facilitate hairless happiness offering a sensitive and effective aftercare one-step solution.

After more than seven years in the hair removal world, Shobha Tummala, has bottled-up her aftercare advice, incorporating the key components to ingrown hair elimination and prevention.

What it is: Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion facilitates hairless happiness, offering a sensitive and effective one-step solution to the prevention and treatment of bumps and ingrown hairs.

Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion Aftercare

Formula: glycolic acid exfoliates, vitamin a, tea tree oil, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, chamomile.

Benefits: exfoliates: removes dead skin, which can clog hair follicles and redirect hair growth inward. Improves: skin tone and texture. Protects: naturally fights off irritation and ingrowns. Moisturizes: keeps skin soft and hydrated enabling hair to grow out – not in. Soothes: preserves calmness of the skin and eliminates the tell-tale signs of sensitivity from hair removal treatments.

Recommended use: razor burn, post hair removal bump, ingrown hair prevention, ingrown hair treatment.

How to use: apply to clean, dry skin nightly (wait 48 hours after waxing). use daily for optimal smoothness: once per day for prevention and moderate bumps; twice per day for more severe ingrowns.

Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion retails for $22.00 and will be available at all three Manhattan Shobha locations as well as online at in June 2008.

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