Stay Smooth With Schick Quattro For Women

If you find yourself stealing your husband’s or boyfriend’s razor then you might want to try Schick Quattro for Women.

Schick Quattro for Women

Talking Makeup tried Schick Quattro for Women and loved it. Finally a razor for women that works just as good as a razor designed for men. It really gets you a close shave, leaving your skin super smooth. And as Schick describes it: “Designed for women, but the boys are all drooling.”

Schick Quattro for Women has 4 blades, duo conditioning strips one with aloe and the other with vitamins E and B5, pivoting head flexible and moves a full 40 degrees to conform the contour of your skin, and multiple rest points positioned for the six most popular grips. Price: around $10.00.

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