How To Get Perfect Summer Nails by Skyy Hadley The Queen of Nail Color

Skyy Hadley-the queen if nail color-offers her take on this summer’s trends to Talking Makeup: “This summer, jeweled true-green hues are going to be the trend on fingers, and it’s all about confidence wearing it,” says Skyy. “If you feel that this is too dramatic for you try a neutral metallic or light lilac shade instead.” To pick the best metallic shade, make sure to match it up against your skin tone, Skyy says. “These should compliment, not compete with one another.”

Skyy Hadley
Skyy Hadley.

To create the perfect canvas for your nails, make sure to maintain more than just your polish. “Use creams on hands and use cuticle oil such as Creative Solar Oil to stay moisturized,” explains Skyy, “Never cut your cuticles, just push them back-and remember to exfoliate hands to remove dead and dry skin.” Keeping nails at a shorter, active length is an ongoing trend so file and cut accordingly.

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