The Premieres of How Do I Look? And What I Hate About Me!

Tune in to The Style Network this Saturday, January 2nd for the premiere of How Do I Look? at 8pm, followed by the series premiere of What I Hate About Me at 9pm!

Jeannie Mai

In the premiere episode of How Do I Look, ‘Perplexingly Purple,’ Alisa’s love of purple is so intense that she wears it head to toe, and must learn to choose flattering, non-purple outfits to stop embarrassing her friend and her son.

WATCH: Quick Tip from Jeannie Mai. How Do I Look? Quick Fix – Baby Wipes

On What I Hate About Me, each unpredictable and candid episode centers on one woman who – sometimes reluctantly – reveals the top 10 things she “can’t stand” about herself. From how she flirts, argues or dresses, to the way she deals with her family, roommate or boss, each woman will face hard truths and no topic will be off-limits. Along the way, viewers will connect with the universally shared dilemmas and be shocked by some of the unusual and often humorous admissions. The series is hosted by actress and “Clean House” regular Lisa Arch who joins a variety of notable experts to help tackle these issues one by one.

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