The Today Show Features oopsy daisy! beautiful baby

The Today Show  Features oopsy daisy! beautiful baby High Chair Hair Care Rinse Free Shampoo.

You know the scenario; you fasten your child into his or her highchair for mealtime, load ‘em up with a bunch of yummy stuff to eat, turn your back for two seconds, and bam! Instead of eating the food, your kid decides to wear it…on their head. And no matter how many baby wipes you go through, they still have macaroni and cheese hair until bath time.

With the brand new, mom-developed, all natural oopsy daisy! beautiful baby High Chair Hair Care rinse free shampoo, this ongoing food fight is a thing of the past. Just work a dollop of the all-natural orange, vanilla and lavender scented foam into your child’s dry hair, wipe away, brush and go. High Chair Hair Care contains mild plant based cleansers that moisturize your little one’s scalp while leaving hair clean, soft and silky.

Whether at the park, a restaurant or at home, High Chair Hair Care is the perfect way to clean up on the spot. 8 fl oz. SRP: $18

oopsy daisy! beautiful baby
oopsy daisy! beautiful baby product line.

Other cool products in the oops daisy! beautiful baby product line include: No Bath Bubble Bath ($18), Pip Squeaky Clean ($16), Cutie Pie Curlz ($18), and Kiddo Kream ($20).

All oopsy daisy! beautiful baby products contain no parabens, SLS, DEA, formaldehyde or petroleum products and are free or artificial fragrances and dyes.

About the inventor:
Debby DeOliveira, creator of oopsy daisy! beautiful baby, was inspired to invent High Chair Hair Care after one too many spaghetti slinging episodes with her two daughters. After endless searching for a quick, no rinse cleaning solution, only to come up empty handed, DeOliveira decided to create her own.

Oopsy daisy! beautiful baby products are available online at

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