TOM FORD Beverly Hills Store Opening

Beverly Hills, CA – February 24, 2011 – Tom Ford announces the opening of the Los Angeles TOM FORD flagship, which will open in Beverly Hills on February 25th, 2011. At 9,200 square feet, this striking new store introduces a new-look environment for TOM FORD, and is the first to feature a dedicated Womenswear floor. Beverly Hills will be the first store to present the TOM FORD WOMENSWEAR collection in its entirety, in a space custom-designed for this purpose.

The Rodeo Drive store is a distinct departure from the darker and more masculine envi- ronment of existing TOM FORD stores worldwide. Tom Ford and long time collaborator, Bill Sofield, conceived its lighter and more streamlined design to harmonize with the light-filled and spacious feel of Los Angeles. It is also more inviting to female clients, and shifts the feel from elegant men’s club furnished in dark woods, brown and black textiles, and chrome, to an exquisite emporium of pale greys and silver with high-gloss lacquer and glass, that exudes a very sophisticated version of Los Angeles glamour.

Visitors enter the store through a twenty-three foot high façade of smooth white plaster that fronts Rodeo Drive. White marble casing surrounds the display windows and the entrances into the store’s exterior courtyard, which is floored in blue-grey, lightly veined marble. This marble continues into the Entry Vestibule where pale grey, hand-rubbed lacquer walls and a marble and chrome desk create a stunning first impression. The Vestibule opens into the Perfumery, where a custom-made, marble perfumery table is backed by grey mist mirror. Flacons of TOM FORD BEAUTY and TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND fragrances are displayed on polished chrome shelves with grey tinted glass. A staircase walled in mirrored, polished stainless steel ascends to the Womenswear floor above.

From this first floor Vestibule/Perfumery, the visitor enters the large Men’s salon, which unites all Menswear clothing and accessories in one high ceilinged, open space with grey walls, carpeting and polished chrome accents. The salon’s focal point is a grand, white marble fireplace and hearth, set into a mirrored wall, and adorned with artwork per- sonally selected by Tom Ford. A dark brown, velvet upholstered sofa, Grey Pearl Onyx coffee table, and side chairs create a sumptuous seating area by the fireplace. The cloth- ing and accessories are displayed in glossy lacquered wall units and grey painted steel wardrobes with Macassar Ebony interiors. Fitting rooms are walled in grey ultrasuede and accented with custom-blackened steel sconces.

From the Menswear salon, a marble-floored elevator with mirrored steel and grey patent leather walls provides an alternative means of ascending to the Womenswear floor.

If the visitor ascends to the Womenswear floor via the staircase, they first enter a dedicated handbag area walled in mirrored stainless steel, with marble shelving to display the bags. Doors open onto two small terraces to maximize California’s sun and warmth.

The second floor features a series of three Womenswear salons. A mood of understated glamour is created through oyster grey, hand-rubbed lacquer walls and pale grey, wool stripe carpeting. The symmetrical design, a trademark of TOM FORD interiors, lends a recognizable consistency to these new surroundings, yet the use of glossy lacquer, glass, and mirror makes this an undeniably feminine environment.

The Eveningwear salon creates a dramatic effect with darker furnishings mixed amongst the glass. Macassar Ebony wood wardrobes with light grey, ultrasuede interiors frame a stunning layout table topped with two layers of glass and mirror.

The spacious Daywear salon features a fireplace, just like its Menswear counterpart below. A ten-foot wide by six-foot tall single pane of grey mist mirror above the fireplace, set between chrome-framed glass panels, creates a centerpiece of muted opulence to the room. A seating area features a long sofa upholstered with rough- textured, silver silk and crystal-grey marble drum tables. The daywear clothing is presented in gorgeous, grey steel-frame wardrobes with silver glazed linen interiors and glass shelves.

The shoe area is a haven of luxury. It is beautifully furnished with silver, ottoman- upholstered sofas, a grey marble sofa-back table, and a pair of Jacques Quinet table lamps.

This Womenswear design concept will become the standard for future Womenswear floors and retail spaces worldwide. TOM FORD MENSWEAR will retain its signature darker, masculine palette, achieving a dramatic balance of masculine and feminine, and of luxury and glamour collection that chanes direction seasonally. TOM FORD WOMENSWEAR is a wardrobe of timeless, eternally chic clothing. It gives a woman gorgeous pieces to wear in her own distinct way—not simply for a season but forever.”

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