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PCA Skin Introduces Brightening Therapy With TrueTone

December 2008, PCA Skin will launch brightening therapy with TrueTone, the universal remedy for hyperpigmentation. This innovative combination of natural and bioengineered brighteners is clinically proven to reduce all types of skin discoloration. It offers dramatic reduction and prevention of hyperpigmentation for all sensitivity levels.

One major cause of dark patches in the skin is inflammation. Traditional treatment options for hyperpigmentation are typically irritating, therefore only appropriate for those with more resilient skin. Use of these traditional treatments can lead to an increase in discoloration rather than a clear complexion in sensitive and ethnic skin.

PCA Skin’s proprietary blend ‘TrueTone’ combines clinically proven ingredients that not only inhibit the production of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for initiating the pigment response), but also act as powerful antioxidants. This is important as skin being treated with tyrosinase inhibitors is more susceptible to free radical damage. Daily use of a moisturizer with SPF is a critical part of every skin care regimen, especially those designed for pigment control.