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Ojon Leave-In Gloss Cream

Ojon Leave-In Gloss Cream is another brilliant product by Ojon.  Ojon Leave-In Gloss Cream is a lightweight leave-in glossing cream that will help nourish, repair and de-frizz your hair.   

Ojon Leave-In Gloss Cream 

Main ingredients: natural algea extract, sweet almond oil, wheat germ, broccoli seed oil, vitamin E, and an  antioxidant complex to protects your hair from the sun and from environmental damage.  Suitable for all hair types. Cost: $30.   

Ojon Revitalizing Mist

Ojon Revitalizing Mist is an alcohol free, weightless pre-styling leave-in conditioner that re-hydrates, nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair as it prepares it for styling.  Formulated with 100 percent pure Ojon palm nut oil.  Simply shake and spray into hair. 

Ojon Revitalizing Mist 

Other benefits using Ojon Revitalizing Mist: seals the cuticle to help prolong hair color, reduces breakage caused by thermal styling sun damage and combing, and helps combat frizz caused by humidity. Perfect for damaged, color-treated or processed hair.  cost: $27.

Ojon Hair Restorative Hair Treatment

Ojon Hair Restorative Hair Treatment is a concentrated, versatile hair rejuvenator that contains 100 percent Ojon palm nut oil.  Palm nut oil is known to improve the condition of damaged, color-treated, or processed hair without weighing it down.  This Restorative Hair Treatment by Ojon Hair will leave your hair silky smooth and very manageable.  Ojon Hair Restorative Hair Treatment can be used as a deep conditioning treatment, as a leave in conditioner, and a shine enhancer.  Cost:  $21 for 1.35 oz, $55 for 5 oz.

Ojon Hair Resorative Hair Treatment 

Ojon Hair was founded by Denis Simioni when one day he discovered an oil from the Ojon tree in the Honduran Rain Forests in Central America’s Mosquitia region.  The Ojon nut is harvested by members of a tribe called Tawira who are known as ‘the people of beautiful hair’.  The Ojon palm nut oil was originally discovered by the Miskito Indians over 500 years ago. 

Denis Simioni Founder of Ojon Hair

Ojon Tree Palm Nuts