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Pretty Elizabeth Arden Perfume: Interview With Perfumer Claude Dir

Pretty Elizabeth Arden Perfume was created by international perfumer Claude Dir of Givaudan. He describes his inspiration:

How do you create a perfume? Where do you start?
I believe that fragrance should create an instantaneous response connecting quickly to an individual and staying true to its signature. I start with a vision, actually a two-part vision: one is the vision of the client and the other is my thoughts on how a fragrance can bring this vision to life. My goal is to make something creative to stay true to perfumery as a craft, yet satisfy an emotion in the wearer.

How did you work with Elizabeth Arden? What was the process?
It was a true partnership right from the start. The Arden team was instrumental in clearly defining what they wanted. We worked very closely together to execute the dream they had fro this brand. The strategy and objectives identified by Arden set us in the right direction. It was a process that included all key people involved on the project from perfumery to evaluation to marketing. We wanted to stay as close to each other as possible to ensure that a cohesive message was delivered. We also reached out to the Givaudan Research and Development team who provided us with an exclusive fragrance molecule, Petalia which became the foundation for fragrance development.