Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Fall 2012 Paris

Backstage at Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Fall 2012 Paris with Redken. “The whole idea of this was I wanted to depersonalize the girls completely, and this was achieved by fitting them all with the exact same white/platinum wig. The wigs are like helmets with mirrored visors so it’s very futuristic looking…



When I work with Sarah, we get involved very early on, and we decided here that the clothes have so much personality that the anonymity of the girl was very important. I looked at all of these cartoons and Japanese art for inspiration, and I really wanted a Manga [Japanese Cartoon] feeling to the girl so we came up with the idea of the visors. Then I thought, how do I minimize the hair yet make it uniform? So we the came up with the idea of the wigs. The wig was then cut into a bob and I’m using forceful 23 to really sculpt the hair so it looks like a helmet. There’s no reality to the wig – you don’t feel any sexuality or anything. It’s very cold and very modern couture.”–Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

How To Create the Look:

1. To re-create this look, start with the haircut: it should be a graduated bob that tapers at the neckline.

2. Apply guts 10 root targeted volume spray foam to damp hair and begin blow dry straight back, alternately using a flat boar bristle brush and a fine- tooth comb.

3. Apply a very generous amount of forceful 23 super strength hairspray to hair as you are blow-drying.

4. When dry, finish by spraying the find tooth comb with forceful 23 and raking back through the hair, and mist with additional forceful 23 to lock the style in place.

** Guido used wigs on the models for this show, which should be applied by a professional hairstylist. For a great cut like this, see for their salon locator to find a stylist.

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