Carmen Electra And Max Factor

In 2005 Carmen Electra became the new face of Max Factor makeup line.  The Max Factor brand was founded in 1909 by the makeup artist to the stars Max Factor.   Mr. Max Factor was linked with many celebrities and was a pioneer in developing the celebrity endorsement concept, beginning with Clara Bow in the 1920s. Since then, stars including Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Jaclyn Smith and Denise Richards all represented the brand.  Max Factor was the one who decided to turn Jean Harlow to platinum blonde in the 1930’s which revolutionized her career. 

Carmen Electra for Max Factor
The Max Factor makeup line is used by many Hollywood makeup artists on movie sets such as the: Aviator.  The makeup brand is known for its long lasting properties and is perfect for long movie shoots.  Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup that stays on as long as 8 hours is a good example.  This amazing foundation creates a natural finish that won’t streak, smudge, slip, or transfer to your clothes.  Max Factor Lasting Performance Liquid Makeup is specially formulated so it’s light and non-greasy and it won’t clog your pores.  It is also fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skins. And the price is right under $20. 

Lasting Performane Liquid Makeup By Max Factor

Carmen Electra who recently announced her divorce from husband Dave Navarro, is rumoured to launch her casual clothing and Lingerie line.  Carmen currently trying to decide on a name for the line. The Carmen Electra clothing and lingerie line will also include a perfume.  We can’t wait!

Carmen Electra

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