Fueguia 1833 Fall Fragrance Collection

NEW Launch – Fueguia 1833 Fall Fragrance Collection. The line features seven new fragrances, uniquely inspired by people, places and culture. As with all Fueguia products, the collection contains biodegradable, sustainably-sourced and vegan ingredients, and is free from synthetic preservatives and dyes, Phthalates and animal testing.



Asagiri – $383 for 100ml
A new Woody Aromatic scent with Koyamaki, Hiba and Sugi notes.

Ceniza de Coca

Ceniza de Coca – $359 for 100ml
A new Leather Animalic scent with Styrax, Coca Leaf and Amber notes.

Dunas de un Cuerpo

Dunas de un Cuerpo – $329 for 100ml
A new Ambery scent with Amber, Olibanum and Sandalwood notes.

Halo Lunar

Halo Lunar – $339 for 100ml
A new Aromatic Herbal scent with Lavender, Amber and Sandalwood notes.

Los Humos Sagrados

Los Humos Sagrados – $424 for 100ml
A new Woody Ambery scent with Agarwood, Palo Santo and Sage notes.

Luna Roja

Luna Roja – $379 for 100ml
A new Woody Fruity scent with Oakwood, Rose and Plum notes, reminiscent of a wine cellar.

Luz sin Freno

Luz sin Freno – $329 for 100ml
A new Floral Citrus scent with Jasmin, Lemon and Basil notes.

Available at FUEGUIA – 21 Crosby Street, NYC and Fueguia.com for Fall 2017

FUEGUIA 1833 is an artisanal perfumery brand meticulously created from start to finish by Chemist and Artist Julian Bedel; from research of precious natural botanical ingredients; to formulation; manufacturing; creation of handmade packaging, and the presentation in their own boutiques (NYC, Milan, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Zurich). All formulations contain 100% biodegradable ingredients, musk of plant origin, and are free from synthetic preservatives or dyes.

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