Giorgio Armani Beauty at the 2011 Golden Globes

January 16th, 2011, marked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Tonight, many of Hollywood’s leading ladies featured the latest from the Giorgio Armani Beauty cosmetic and skincare lines.

Top makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle assisted Best Actress in a Television Series nominee (Drama), Julianna Margulies, in preparation for the red carpet. “I really wanted a very skin conscious look for Julianna,” states Buckle.

“You always see so many loud statements on the red carpet, and I feel that sometimes one speaks louder with less.” To showcase skin perfection, Buckle prepped the skin with Regenessence Youth Regenerator, Multi-Corrective Rejuvenating Cream and Eye Rejuvenating Serum (all launching in March 2011). To set the stage for seamless skin, he then applied Luminous Silk Foundation #3 and High Precision Retouch #3. Buckle swept a very subtle layer of Maestro Eye Shadow #6 on the eyelid and coated the eyelashes with Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara. Julianna’s sophisticated look was finished with a sweep of Sheer Blush #6 and Rouge d’Armani #105 on the lips.

Actress Camilla Belle worked with Giorgio Armani Face Designer, Nichole Burston, to prepare for tonight’s activities at the InStyle Golden Globes Viewing Party. Camilla’s Giorgio Armani metallic silver jersey gown inspired Burston to create a look that was classic Hollywood with a modern twist. “I wanted to create sexy drama in the makeup that would compliment the sophistication of Camilla’s gown,” states Burston. She prepped the skin with Crema Nera Extrema High Recovery Elixir and Reviving Eye Compact to achieve a healthy glow. Burston then applied Lasting Silk Foundation #6.5 mixed with Fluid Sheer #10 to create skin that was both luminous and flawless. “I also thought the beautiful silver color of the gown would perfectly compliment the gorgeous blue theme that Mr. Armani showcased on the Spring 2011 Runway.” Burston lined the eye with Smooth Silk Eye Pencil #3 and added dimension with Maestro Eye Shadows #21 and #37. She finished the look with Rouge d’Armani #400, topping Camilla’s lips with Rouge d’Armani #103 to add a soft sheen and then finishing off with Sheer Blush #10 on the apples of her cheeks.

Giorgio Armani National Creative Artist, Tim Quinn, assisted both Amber Heard, star of the upcoming movie, The Rum Diary and Cheryl Hines, star of Curb Your Enthusiasm for InStyle’s Golden Globes Viewing Party and the HBO After Party, respectively.

“After seeing Amber’s beautiful satin champagne color Giorgio Armani gown with the open back, I was instantly inspired by the boudoir style of the 50’s,” states Quinn. “I wanted to take this idea and translate it to modern glamour.” To accomplish his vision, Quinn first evened out Amber’s skin tone with Luminous Silk Foundation #5.5. Next, he created a smoky sexy eye with Eyes to Kill Palette #1 and Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara in black, which added intense volume and length to her lashes. On Amber, he created a matte red lip with Rouge d’Armani #403. To finish her look, Quinn mixed Crema Nera Revitalizing Eye Compact with Fluid Sheer #2, lightly tapping it around the eye area and temples to add extra glow.

To achieve the perfect nude face, Quinn prepped Cheryl Hines’s skin with the new Regenessence Youth Regenerator for an even and radiant canvas. “Cheryl loves elegant simplicity, so I wanted to work primarily with a nude palette to emphasize an understated and completely natural look,” says Quinn. He evenly applied Lasting Silk Foundation #5 and swept the new Spring 2011 Face Palette over the apples of her cheeks and up towards the hairline. Cheryl’s eyes were emphasized with Eyes to Kill Palette #2 and Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara and the look was finished with Rouge d’Armani #103 painted on her lips.

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