Interview With Ryan Bloch of Laser Cosmetica

Talking Makeup has caught up with Ryan Bloch, president of Laser Cosmetica in New York. He told us all about his top procedure, laser hair removal!

Q&A With Ryan Bloch, President of Laser Cosmetica in New York:

What is your premiere service?

We are known best for laser hair removal as we are the leading laser hair removal provider in New York. We have multiple lasers and can treat all skin types.

What trends have you seen over the last few years?

The popularity of laser services has grown along with their usage. Now lasers are safer, more effective, and have wider applications.

What’s the most common question that women have about Laser Cosmetica’s procedures?

“Is it safe?,” “Is it effective?,” and “How quickly can I obtain the results I am looking for.”

How would you respond to those questions? The answers are that laser hair removal is very safe and very effective. Laser hair removal produces long lasting results quickly with no down time.

How long does it take?

A typical treatment requires thirty minutes.

What is the age range of your clients?

This service is for everyone but primarily we cater to savvy urban women who are value seekers. That being said, more and more men are coming in for our services.

How long does laser hair removal last? How effective is it?

Laser hair removal is permanent. It is the alternative solution to painful waxing or shaving. We recommend a protocol of 6 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for optimal results.

Can laser hair removal be performed on any skin type?

Yes. All skin types can be safely treated provided that the correct laser is used. At Laser Cosmetica, we have lasers for all skin types.

How long has Laser Cosmetica been around?

Laser Cosmetica has been in business for 8 years. We were one of the first to market with our concept – exclusive focus on laser based procedures. We are in three markets – New York, Philadelphia, and Westchester. And we have 9 locations.

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