Julianne Moore Casts Her Vote for Natural at Burt’s Bees Booth

Given the choice between natural and synthetic, what’s your vote? Burt’s Bees thinks the choice should be clear in personal care. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks – many personal care products on the market positioned as ‘natural’ may contain potentially harmful ingredients. That’s why Burt’s Bees and Julianne Moore are giving consumers the opportunity to cast their votes for truly natural personal care at www.burtsbees.com/votefornatural

Actress Julianne Moore: Courtesy of Theo Wargo / WireImage.

More and more consumers believe that natural ingredients are the best choice to maximize well-being in personal care. The trouble is, it can take a lot of reading between the lines of labels to figure out what’s natural vs. synthetic. To help consumers find what they’re really looking for in a natural product, Burt’s Bees has worked closely with the Natural Products Association and other likeminded brands to develop a Natural Seal-a symbol that lets consumers know when products contain at least 95% natural ingredients.

Actress Julianne Moore: Courtesy of Theo Wargo / WireImage.

To ensure that the best candidate comes out on top, “green” actress Julianne Moore cast the first vote for natural at the Burt’s Bees Voting Booth in NYC on Monday, September 15th. Each vote for natural is also a vote for the forthcoming Natural Seal, helping make natural a clear choice after all.

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