Kate Middleton’s Nose Tops Most Requested Plastic Surgery Procedures

The Duchess of Cambridge’s nose edges out Angelina’s Lips and Kim’s Booty for Most Requested Plastic Surgery Procedures. SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (February 12, 2013) – Forget Angelina Jolie’s lips, kick Kim Kardashian’s butt to the curb, and wave bye-bye to Pamela Anderson’s bulging busoms. It has been confirmed the Kate Middleton’s nose is the most highly prized body part in both the US and the UK. According to the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, the number of women requesting noses like Kate’s has tripled since 2011. And in Arizona, hordes of women are heading to plastic surgeon’s offices requesting the stately snout of The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Scottsdale-based plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Shapiro of Shapiro Plastic Surgery and Skin Klinic says…

…requests for celebrity-inspired rhinoplasties have skyrocketed since the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. “Rhinoplasty is consistently popular procedure, but with every new young crop of celebrities there are requests for certain celebrity features and Middleton’s nose is definitely the most requested on the list,” he said.

Wanting to look like someone famous isn’t new, in fact, MTV ran an entire reality series called “I Want a Famous Face” which followed the transformations of 12 young people who chose to use plastic surgery to look exactly like their celebrity idols like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Brad Pit t. Dr. Shapiro says it is quite common for patients bring photos of celebrities into his office for consultations to use as a visual aid to describe what they like and don’t like about their features and the specific attributes they hope to gain from a plastic surgery procedure.

In comparison to some of the other popular celebrity body feature plastic surgery requests, Dr. Shapiro thinks Kate Middleton is actually a healthy role model for women. “The fact that so many women want to look like Kate Middleton says a lot about the direction beauty, style and fashion trends are going,” he said. “Kate Middleton is a naturally beautiful, elegant and healthy looking young woman that looks like she could be the girl next door,” Dr. Shapiro said. “Her fresh-faced look is quite the departure from the exaggerated Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian look that has dominated plastic surgery over the last couple years,” he said.

What do women find so appealing about Middleton’s nose? Dr. Shapiro says it has a strong, defined tip, a gentle, feminine swoop on the bridge and a great front-to-back projection. And it’s perfectly in proportion to her face.

“It’s an elegant and natural-looking nose with some characteristic quirks which suit the rest of her face perfectly,” Dr. Shapiro said. “And I don’t think Kate has a nose job. I think she was just blessed with good genes.”

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