Laura Geller Lipstick and Lipgloss

Be Queen of the Lipstick Jungle with Laura Geller!

Every day presents a new mood, a new outfit, so why not a new lip color? With Laura Geller’s newest lip products the options are endless. Whether it’s a business meeting, a hot date, or a night around town, these colors take the guesswork out of finding the perfect color for any and every occasion.

Bestseller Lipstick Trio:

Each lipstick features a high-shine, lightweight and elegant color payoff that glides on lips with ease. Formulated with Vitamins E and C, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter, this smooth and creamy application makes lips look rich with color while experiencing nourishing and hydrating benefits. Available in three beautiful shades, these colors are soft yet they add plenty of “POW!” for a perfected pout: ($28.75)

Coral Chiffon – a tender shade of coral and pink tones to bring out the girly girl that’s ready to be unleashed after a long week of work.

Make it Mauve – a fresh and delicate shade of pink lilac that adds the perfect, sexy touch for a Saturday night out.

Safari Blaze – a brownish berry shade with a luminous kick that shows you mean business!

Lip Stay Duo:
This long lasting lip stay duo is one of Laura’s favorite creations. A unique, long wearing lip color containing silicone spheres to keep lips colored for hours, this product adds a quick slick of the shimmer gloss to re-ignite the shine and load lips with moisture. Available in two shades; Laura’s Lips and Selenia’s lips are combinations of both Laura and one of her top makeup artists, Selenia’s, favorite lip gloss blends. “After so many compliments, Laura decided it was time to sell these colors as their own unique duo! ($20.00)
Selenia’s Lips – Merlot and City Lights Duo (shown in image below)- a kiss of lush burgundy and a sheer shimmery gloss, like moonlight on the water. It also carries with it the sweet scent of tropical fruit.


Laura’s Lips – Raspberry and City Lights Duo (shown in image below) – a sheer golden berry lip color plus the same shimmery lip gloss. It too, has the sweet scent of tropical fruit.

Dream Creams Lip Palette:

Laura insists “you can undo any bad mood with a sexy lip color.” But finding the right color to match the rest of the makeup wardrobe can be complicated. That’s why she hand selected each shade of this new Dream Creams Lip Palette. This quartet of super wearable colors is housed in one sleek compact – use one strip, or combine them all, as they harmonize beautifully with all skin tones. Available in Apricot Berry and Berry, the texture is suede soft and cushiony, combining the coverage of a lipstick with the comfort and shine of a gloss. ($25.00 with retractable brush)

Available for Winter 2008-2009, Laura Geller Lip Colors and the entire Laura Geller Makeup collection are available on .

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