M LAB Body Treatment Cream

After a long day at the beach, restore your skin with M LAB Body Treatment Cream.

Formulated with 55% clinically active ingredients, M LAB Body Treatment Cream helps to even out skin tone after sun exposure while hydrating and soothing your dry skin. Restore your glowing skin with peptides, exfoliants and hydrators while reducing any wrinkles that result from your day in the sun. SRP: $$185 for a 6.7 oz. jar.

Where to buy M LAB Skincare Products: M LAB is available exclusively at mlabonline.com and Harrods London.

M LAB is a global leader in the art and science of Cosmeceutical development for over 25 years, Milbar Laboratories created the line to target every visual sign of the aging process. Formulated with unprecedented levels of clinically active ingredients, ranging from 45% to 74%, the collection harnesses the power of active ingredients like peptides, antioxidants and plant extracts to purify skin and turn back the clock with measurable, clinically tested results.

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