MAC Riveting

Introducing  MAC Spring 2010 Makeup Collections: MAC Riveting. Available Feb 18th, 2010 – Mar 2010.

MAC Riveting is a rock-steady metal collection that pays homage to the Jerry Halls and Pat Clevelands of the world, their strength and their power! Part of a sexy ’80s fashion moment, these girls are modern versions of the real thing: Rock Goddesses never afraid to strut their stuff and step up to the spotlight. A fashion trend, true, but oh-so-much more is what makes these girls Riveting.

Metal Maven Pale frosted silver (Frost)
Bubbles Sheer pale white pink ice (Glaze)
Riveting Mid-tone dirty mauve taupe (Glaze)
Show Orchid Vivid hot pink (Amplified)
Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Rock Out Light icy silver with pearl
True Babe Creamy mid-tone bright blue-pink
Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Rapidblack True black
Suggested Retail Price $16.50 U.S./$20.00 CDN

Full Fuchsia Very bright iridescent fuchsia
Dirty Plum Deep plum
Suggested Retail Price $18.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN

Studded Matte true silver with pearl (Matte)
Wham, Bam, Glam Matte cool, dark taupe (Matte)
Black Enough? Matte black (Matte)
Suggested Retail Price $12.00 U.S./$14.50 CDN

188 SMALL DUO FIBRE FACE For expert application of cheek contour. This brush is a large angled contour –the fibres form a buffed edge and are soft and firmly bundled. Suggested Retail Price $34.00 U.S./$41.00 CDN

48 Longer wispy bundles with an even edge create a flirty fringe that verges on the dramatic. Suggested Retail Price $13.00 U.S./$15.50 CDN

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