For an IMAN Cosmetics contest (guys, please wish Marta luck and cross fingers I win) I was asked about my FOUNDATION. Who or what makes up the support system that helps me achieve my success and happiness, that is.

Just like in makeup a good foundation is the first and most important thing you need to achieve a beautiful and complete makeup look. If your skin is uneven, red, and not flawless because you’re are using the wrong foundation no other makeup will work to fix it or make it look better. Same thing with my life, my family and the love I have everyday is my foundation for everything else I do. Some people operate from pain. I operate and create from love, happiness, and good foundation. My fabulous husband Matt and my two boys Jake and Kieran give me a sense of confidence to make things happen. Without them I’m seriously in the market for a makeover. A new foundation perhaps? 🙂

The evidence to Marta’s good FOUNDATION:

L to R The Walsh’s: My husband Matt, Marta (me), Jake, and Kieran

And more evidence:


Marta Walsh

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