Motives Custom Blend Foundation

Motives by Loren Ridinger unveils Motives Custom Blend Foundation.

Motives Custom Blend Foundation is designed to match skin tones perfectly and provides the desired coverage and finish by employing an advanced combination of bases, toners, enhancers, and modifiers that conceal any feature for a truly signature look. It sets a new standard in customized cosmetics with a simple process of choosing a base, adjusting with toner, then adding personal touches from an extensive selection of modifiers and enhancers that adjust the foundation texture, coverage and finish to meet any need or personal preference.

For more natural coverage, Thinner dilutes the base for a sheer finish while Hydrator restores moisture in dehydrated skin.

For those with t-zone shine or oily skin, Mattifier imparts a flawless, shine-free, powder finish for camera-ready makeup as it absorbs any surface oil, and Oil Control helps manage oil production for 8-10 hours by utilizing botanicals with astringent, purifying and cleansing qualities.

Need a lift? Skip the syringe! Fringe Benefit plumps fine lines, restores radiance and re-texturizes the skin, while Ultra Firming botanical complex uses soy protein for an instant tightening “flash” effect that lasts throughout the day, almost like having a liquid Botox. Something everyone should include is the buildable Sunscreen Additive, which provides lightweight, non-greasy SPF protection from harmful UV rays.

For those in need of extra coverage, Enhancers increase the foundation pigment from medium coverage for slight imperfections such as freckles and dark circles, to maximum coverage for camouflaging more severe problems like hyper-pigmentation, post-surgical bruising or discoloration, scars and tattoos.

Motives Custom Blend Foundation Bases and Toners are what create the perfect shade for an individual’s skin by matching and neutralizing natural undertones. All seven Bases come in an oil-free formula, perfect if you are looking for an oil-free foundation, are paraben free and are 11% pigmented, which means more coverage in an age defying, lighter weight texture. Toners are intensive concentrates that come in 12 colors such as Yellow/Red which imparts peach undertones and Pearl which gives movement for that dewy glow. These Toners provide the control to color-match any skin tone, adjust the foundation and create any shade imaginable in a talc-free formula that will never turn your foundation chalky. 

Motives Custom Blend Foundation retails for $40 with an additional $5 for Ultra Firming and is available for purchase through certified Motives Consultants For additional information about Motives please visit  and also check out Loren’s blog at .

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  1. Used it love it.julie

  2. I like a very natural look but as I have aged it’s more difficult to even out the varying tones in my skin. Motives Custom Blend foundation is fabulous – I look perfectly natural and all the blotches and age spots are gone! An additional benefit is the fresh feeling that you aren’t wearing makeup! And, it stays on all day, doesn’t “walk off” my face like foundations I’ve used in the past. Once you try this, no other foundation will satisfy you. Barbara

  3. This is amazing!! I would not wear foundation, because it never matched and it felt so heavy. You can’t tell you are wearing anything, it is light and matches perfect.

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  5. I’ve been using perscriptivE’s custom blend makeup. Where in the Denver colorado area can I buy your product?

  6. The makeup looks prttey good. I definitely want to try the lipsticks. I was hoping if you would like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect and other social sites.- Chic Out of Town Blog

  7. Custom Blend from Motives is awesome. It’s super affordable too. Let’s connect and I’ll help introduce you to a Motives Custom Color Consultant to help you get blended.

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