OLAY Facial Hair Removal Duo

Facial hair is an issue that needs an attention. To be frank, no one likes it (I said it). This is why I’m super impressed/excited that Olay wasn’t afraid to touch that subject and come up with a user friendly and accessible NEW product called: Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo smooth finish for fine to medium hair. The Duo includes: skin guarding balm, and hair removal cream. It’s nice to see that a trusted skincare brand comes up with an hair removal product and all I’m thinking is quality (what can I say the power of branding).

OLAY Facial Hair Removal Duo smooth finish NEW

Now one more request dear Olay: can you please come up with the body hair removal version of this, particularly for the arms! I feel …

many women neglect waxing or removing their exces hair on arms thinking it’s too much maintenance. It’s NOT. Shaving your legs and under arm is maintenance, why not keep going. What you rather have hairy arms or high maintenance? The first time I got the idea was many years back in a New York City spa where the esthetician told me that she removes arm hair of quite some celebrities and supermodels. ha! OK loves this one is just an intro to Olay’s smooth finish duo. I’m off to test try it maybe on a small area on me or on one of my girlfriends and tell you all about it:)

***The above post is a sponsored post and the product was provided to TalkingMakeup.com by OLAY***

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