OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and Essie Wicked 249

It looks like the dark or almost black nail polish is in once again.  Many celebrities have been seen sporting this look.  Deep nail polish shades seem to go well with short and squared nails.  It may be a bold look for you, but since so many cute girls display the new vamp trend then it feels almost OK to try it yourself.  And for the British readers, we have a picture of the very famous glamour model actress and business woman, Abby Titmus.  Abby is perfectly manicured in deep shade nail polish as feathered in her new 2007 Abby Titmus Calendar.

Abby Titmus in her 2007 Calendar

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Talking Makeup picked two nail polish shades that will help you achieve this hot look.  OPI created Lincoln Park After Dark NL W42 as part of their new Chicago Collection.  OPI describes this color as: ” When midnight meets purple”.  Cost:  around $7. 

OPI Chicago Collection 


OPI Lincoln Park After Dark NL W42

Our second pick is Essie Wicked 249 which has a burgundy red undertones and less purple then OPI Lincoln Park After Dark NL W42.  Cost:  around $7. 


Essie Wicked 249




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