Peeka-Bu Grooming Mirror: Make Your Primping Routine Easier

I love anything that makes my beauty routine easy and relaxing. I believe if you are comfortable while you apply your makeup, or try to groom or shave you do do a better job. It’s true for me:) This is why Peeka-Bu Grooming Mirror sounds like a great way to make your primping experience just a little better.

The Peeka-Bu Grooming Mirror will suction anywhere and has a long, flexible arm so you can maneuver it to the position you need to see. It’s also really great for travel. You can use it to suction to a hotel room desk near a window with natural lighting for easy make-up application. Peeka-Bu also serves as a wonderful aid to pregnant women or persons with disabilities.

The Peeka-Bu is also eco-friendly. It’s manufactured with EcoPure, an additive that facilitates microorganisms that help the product safely degrade back into the earth. The mirror is packaged with all recycled and recyclable materials and retails for $29.

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