Pharrell Williams & Mark McNairy In August GQ 2012

Hitmaker Pharrell Williams and menswear’s most talked-about designer, Mark McNairy, recently collaborated on what has become this season’s most buzzed about label: Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club.

Pharrell & Mark McNairy in GQ August 2012. credit: Eric Ray Davidson / GQ

In the August 2012 issue of GQ, the powerhouse duo chat with GQ’s Mark Anthony Green about their unlikely pairing and discuss how they’re changing the streetwear game forever. They also pose in some new items from their debut collection.

Pharrell on working with menswear designer Mark McNairy: “He’s very quirky and a quiet guy, but also funny as hell. Within all that quirkiness, he’s very confident. The man just clicks.”

Mark McNairy on Pharrell: “Pharrell’s basically a southern gentleman. I bet Virginia beach isn’t that different from Greensboro.”

Mark McNairy on the one item that says it all this season: “It’s definitely the gold-and silver-sleeve varsity jackets. I was in the factory and I saw a metallic scrap on the floor. I ran to 35th Street, bought the leather, and bam.”

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