Rouge Coco

The Classic Makeup: CHANEL brings the legendary lipstick into the 21st century. The story: Mademoiselle was so fascinated by lipstick that, in 1924, she created a creamy stick of lip colour that she inserted in a rectangular tube, the exact replica of the iconic N°5 spray bottle. She went so far as to create a secret compartment for it inside her legendary ‘2.55’ quilted handbag. Today, a black case with a gold ring in smooth, luxurious metal gives a fresh feel that is instantly familiar each time you slip your hand into your handbag to find your lipstick.

The Muse: In 1992, Vanessa Paradis whistled and played an acrobat, lending her still-adolescent grace and already exceptional personality to the COCO Fragrance. In 2003, in front of Karl Lagerfeld’s camera, the French icon became the muse of the ‘Ligne Cambon’ handbag. Today, her modern elegance and bold character perfectly represent a range of lipsticks with an evocative name: ROUGE COCO.

The Creator: A graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Peter Philips was appointed Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup in 2008, after having worked alongside predecessors Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz.

Through his superior artistry skills and keen knowledge of the fabled heritage of CHANEL, he continually captures the spirit of the brand. Bringing a sense of innovation and meticulous detail to his work, he masterfully meets the makeup needs of today’s contemporary woman. The exclusive creations and inimitable new colours he develops for CHANEL contribute to his worldwide recognition today.

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