Spring to Summer Beauty Tips from Carmindy

With Spring ending and Summer fast approaching, here are few quick seasonal makeup tips from What Not to Wear’s resident beauty guru, Carmindy.

Take your beauty cues from the ultimate authority: Mother Nature. She changes things up; so should you! Play with floral shades like roses and pinks; put away dark shades like wines and burgundies. Sweep a little shimmery golden bronze over self-tanned skin to accentuate your glow. Pink lips look great on self-tanned faces. This combo also makes your teeth appear whiter. A bright coral lipstick topped with a sheer, shimmery bronze gloss perks up your entire face, no matter what your skin tone. For a relaxed and pretty daytime look, add a subtle wash of eyelid color (I like blue or green) and a dab of lip balm.

– Crazy Busy Beautiful

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