Victoria’s Secret Life is Pink Fragrance Collection

NEW from Victoria’s Secret Beauty is their Life is Pink fragrance collection!

L to R: Life is Pink Wish Pink Eau de Parfum,$32. A romantic blend of peony and vanilla, Wish Pink is the ultimate girly girl. Addicted to love and lipstick. Always the center of attention. Collects pretty things. Finds excuses to dress in the frilliest frocks. Wears diamonds and pearls. Nails painted pink. Adores a scent that’s soft and romantic. Young hearts love free.

Life is Pink Live Pink Eau de Parfum, $32: A bright blend of passion fruit and raspberry nectar, Live Pink is uniquely creative. Independent thinker. Inspired by art and photography. Shops for vintage clothes. Listens to obscure bands. Takes risks. Craves culture. Passionate about changing the world. Likes a fragrance that’s bright and bold. Everything’s coming up daisies.

Life is Pink Hope Pink Eau de Parfum, $32: A fresh blend of strawberry and jasmine petals, Hope Pink is a natural beauty. Comfiest in a pair of worn jeans and a faded t-shirt. Lives in flip flops but prefers bare feet. Treasure hunts at the local flea markets. Writes poetry. Picks wild flowers. Always outdoors. Loves a fragrance that’s clean and fresh. Love in, peace out.

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