Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème

Halloween Inspired Skincare. Just in time for Halloween, the orange hued SnapDragon Crème is an all-natural body drench filled with the same incredible anti-aging ingredients as found in the SnapDragon beauty beverage.

Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème for the body

These ingredients include…

regenerative retinol, restorative marine collagen, hydrolyzed collagen and acai-derived citroflavonoids that work to reduce free radical damage and boost collagen levels in skin. With Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil and Green Tea Extract, the SnapDragon Crème soothes skin, reducing inflammation and adding needed moisture, while protecting against UV rays. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, the SnapDragon Crème rejuvenates skin, helping to firm and guard against aging with each use. OOohh..sounds good:)

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