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Nadia Comaneci and Mark Spitz Tips On Achieving Your Personal Best and Botox

Legendary sports icons, Nadia Comaneci and Mark Spitz support Your Personal Best Public Education campaign.

Spitz and Comaneci share tips on achieving your personal best and discuss why they talked to their physicians about BOTOX® Cosmetic (Botulinum Toxin Type A) Treatment.

Mark Spitz (middle) and Nadia Comaneci (right) discussing Botox.

Five-time gold medalist, Nadia Comaneci, and nine-time gold medalist, Mark Spitz, today joined Allergan, Inc. (NYSE: AGN), the maker of BOTOX® Cosmetic (Botulinum Toxin Type A), to launch a new consumer education campaign – Your Personal Best. As part of the campaign, Comaneci and Spitz will share tips on how they remain at the top of their game in an effort to inspire men and women to achieve their own personal best – be it through diet, exercise or by improving their personal skin care routine.

Nadia Comaneci-Five-time gold medalist.

According to a recent national survey (n = 2,403), four in five people define their personal best as a combination of feeling their best, looking their best and fulfilling their responsibilities. Recognizing this, long-time friends, Comaneci (46) and Spitz (58) will travel the nation offering tips and insights on how women and men can define their own personal gold standard and achieve their goals.

Nadia Comaneci who describes her personal best as taking care of her inner and outer self. “As a mother of an active two-year old boy, I am constantly on the go and trying to find time to take care of myself,” said Comaneci, who today runs a gymnastics school with husband and fellow gold-medalist gymnast, Bart Conner. “About five years ago, I realized that while I exercised and ate right most of my life, there was nothing I could do on my own that would get rid of those two stubborn frown lines stamped on my forehead. They looked like an ‘11′ and made me upset with the way I looked, and that’s when I decided to talk to my physician about BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment. I attained a perfect ‘10′ at age 14, and I’m working hard to stay close to that in all that I do.”

Interview with Dr Amy Wechsler

Whether you are in your teens, 20’s or have a mature skin we all are interested in learning about how to best care for our skin.  Here is an interview with Dr Amy Wechsler, a well acclaimed dermatologist practicing in New York City, who gives few tips about skincare, acne, stretch marks and even Botox.  To read full interview with Amy Wechsler click here! 

Dr Amy Wechsler

Where is your clinic based and what skincare services do you specialize in?
My office is in New York City, on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. I treat patients from infancy through adulthood, and I specialize in both medical and cosmetic dermatology. I enjoy taking care of entire families, and I love that my day is extremely varied.

Which of your treatments are most popular?
Full body skin exams to check for skin cancer, laser hair removal and other laser treatments, chemical peels, diamondtome microdermabrasion, acne treatments, photodynamic therapy.

Which skincare routine is essential for keeping a healthy skin?
A simple 3 minute routine will keep skin healthy. In the morning, cleansing with a gentle cleaner/soap (no washcloths on your face!), gentle exfoliation (not necessary every day), moisturizer and sunscreen. At night cleansing and moisturizing are key in addition to a treatment such as a topical retinoid or an anti-oxidant cream/serum.

Many women suffer from stretch marks after childbirth, is it treatable?
Stretch marks are incredibly common among growing teens and pregnant women. new marks are often red and can be itchy, and there are great treatments to remove the redness – lasers and prescription topical retinoids (like retin-a), for example. Once stretch marks have faded to skin-color or paler, time will help fade them but there is currently no definitive treatment to remove the marks. Self-tanner helps to mask them, and waterproof makeup, such as dermablend, will cover them up for a day at the beach.

What advice can you give to teenagers with acne?
First of all, know that you are not alone! 90% of your peers are dealing with acne as well. Try one or two over-the-counter products that contain benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid and use them for 4 weeks.If your acne doesn’t improve or worsens, ask a parent to take you to a dermatologist, because we have so many amazing acne treatments! Also, many acne treatments can dry out your skin, so make sure to moisturize with a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer. lastly, do not pick or try to pop your pimples – this can leave marks, scars and can make the acne worse!!