Amazon Beauty Rahua Shampoo and Rahua Conditioner

Amazon Beauty launches two new exciting ancient hair remedies: Rahua Shampoo and Rahua Conditioner for color-treated and delicate hair at Cocoon Hair Studio in New York.

Amazon Beauty is founded by Fabian Lliguin and his wife Anne Ayers. Both travel deep into the Amazon Rainforest , working with native tribes and nationalities to help protect intellectual property rights and preserve the beauty of the planet’s largest living and breathing renewable natural resource.

Amazon Beauty Rahua Shampoo and Rahua Conditioner is made with rain forest gown symbiotic ingredients, this rich and luxurious organic collection pays tribute and respect to to the beautiful women of the Amazon Rainforest. A truly natural hair care collection that is harvested in the wild, Amazon Beauty is formulated with ingredients that have been created and used by Amazon native tribal women of thousands of years.

Amazon Beauty Rahua Shampoo and Rahua Conditioner are free of chemical preservatives. Key ingredients in Amazon Beauty’s hair care include Rahua Elixir which instantly repairs damaged hair and speeds hair growth and Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), a centuries old calming ingredient from aged “holy wood” that imparts an amazingly beautiful aroma and is traditionally used in Shaman ceremonies.

” The Amazon Beauty basin is the true and original “beauty garden” of the world becuase of its plentiful indigenous plants, fruits and nuts that are high in anti-oxidants as well as hair and skin nourishing oils,” explains New York’s Hair Shaman and visionary Eco-agent, Fabian Lliguin.

Amazon Beauty organic Rahua Shampoo Suggested retail price: $32.00 for 8.3 ounces and Rahua Conditioner retails for $34.00 at Cocoon Hair Studio and .

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