Bar Refaeli V Magazine Sexy Photoshoot

Sneak Peek: Photos from V MAGAZINE of celebrities Bar Refaeli (supermodel currently dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio), Devon Aoki (model/actress currently dating actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Noemie Lenoir (model/actress) shot by famed American photographer Arny Freytag and Styled by Sally Lyndley for the upcoming V66. Arny has held the record for photographing the most Playmate centerfolds in Playboy Magazine. This spread celebrates the upcoming V Magazine “Sexy Body Issue.”

“Why do people think I’m sexy? Maybe it’s the fact that I have boobs.” – Bar Refaeli

Also here are photos of Brazilian actor and model Romulo Arantes Neto, shot by famed photographer Mario Testino and styled by Felipe Veloso for the upcoming V MAGAZINE (issue #66).

V Magazine “Romulo Arantes Neto: The Boy From Brazil”

“The younger girls go into attack mode when they see me. They pull my hair, they try to pull down my pants! – Romulo Arantes Neto”

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