Celebrate National Candy Month with Scents Inspired by Your Favorite Sweets!

Did you know June is National Candy Month?

We all know that summer is NOT the time for a candy binge, but don’t worry – you can have your cake and smell like it too! To honor this light-hearted holiday, save on calories and instead look for a scent inspired by your favorite sweet! Below is a fun guide for you to determine which scent fits your sweet personality.

Sweet You Crave: Decadent White Chocolate

Perfect Scent: Hilary Duff’s Wrapped With Love

A perfect combination of white chocolate mousse notes wrapped in a combination of milk and vanilla beans, highlighted by sunkissed raspberry. ($38.00, 1.7 fl oz, ElizabethArden.com)

Sweet You Crave: Toasted Marshmallows

Perfect Scent: M by Mariah Carey

Sweet You Crave: Vanilla Ice Cream

Perfect Scent: HIDDEN fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS

Satisfy your sweet craving with the notes of Mexican Vanilla Bean in this sensual and indulgent fragrance. ($55.00, 1.7 fl oz, Macys.com)

Warm and inviting marshmallow notes are woven throughout this indulgent scent. ($55.00, 1.7 fl oz, Macys.com)

Sweet You Crave: Cupcakes

Perfect Scent: fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS

An enchanting scent, laced with a yummy cupcake accord, jasmine petals and sexy white chocolate orchid. ($55.00, 1.7 fl oz, Macys.com)

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